Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ATL Computer Dude Social Media: Atlanta Webdesign, Atlanta AdWords & Atlanta Local SEO Firm

ATL Computer Dude Social Media: Atlanta Webdesign, Atlanta AdWords & Atlanta Local SEO Firm

(Social Media, (Atlanta SEOSearch Engine OptimizationAtlanta Web Design and PR – Public Relations )

At SOKO Marketing We’ve created a system that generates REAL TIME LEADS Local SEO system! Atlanta Webdesign, PPC, Atlanta AdWords & Atlanta SEO Firm that makes businesses such as yours go “BOOM” with consumer based traffic that we generate.! We have a software system developed that loads our database by time and geographic location with people who recently for example had a car accident and posted about it on any of their social media platforms.  It does this based off of keywords we program into our software to filter millions of social media users (FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest, etc.) statuses.
For example, when someone gets into a car wreck and makes a post about it on any social media platform and their status includes any keywords like carhurtwreckaccidentbackneckinjured, or attorney it will load up into our database in REAL TIME. This happens on a day to day basis in high volume. If you comprehend the amount of traffic this will generate to your website and business then you understand our service is a gold mine.
(REAL TIME LEADS, Local SEO, Atlanta Webdesign, PPC, Atlanta AdWords & Atlanta SEO Firm - Social Media, (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, Web Design and PR - Public Relations )

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Luxury Private Jet Charters | Rent a Private Jet - Get the best Private Jet Charter service.

Luxury Private Jet Charters

Were here for all your private jet & air charter needs. We are an aeronautics association and work in Luxury Private Jet Charters, airplane deals, plane charters, flying jets administration, in-flight providing food, and air ship conveyance administrations. As one of the main avionics associations, we supply Luxury Private Jet Charters for a wide range of client base going from private people to Fortune 500 organizations. Need Limo Service Atlanta to handle your vip transport? party bus rental service in Atlanta is also available for service with awsome party buses.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Need to accept over 660 linkedin invites..

Need to accept over 660 linkedin invites.. wish they had a accept all button SMH.. https://www.linkedin.com/in/atlcomputerdude