Thursday, June 20, 2013

Empire Avenue Sets a New Standard in Social Media Innovation

Empire Avenue has found a way to take Social Media to the next level with their ground-breaking, all-in-one, social metrics and stock exchange platform. Signing up for an account is simple, it’s free, and the benefits are limitless! What is Empire Avenue? Empire Avenue is a social metrics platform that allows its users to connect all of their Social Media profiles in one location. Think of it as the tree trunk, with your social networks representing the branches. When the trunk grows larger, so does the rest of the tree. After linking your accounts, Empire Avenue compiles data from each individual network based on your activity, your audience, and the interaction they have with your content. Once your scores are calculated, you will receive a network rating from 1-100. These ratings represent your true measure of influence on each network, and serve as an excellent barometer on where you should focus your efforts and where you’re strongest. So there’s a Stock Market,

Empire Avenue Blasts Off Your Marketing

MONOPOLIZE SOCIAL MEDIA Try Empire Avenue Today… TRY EMPIRE TODAY   My own Empire Monopolize Social Media I’ve always been the guy to do things his own way or a new unproven way because it was different. I look on marketing  that way, if you do it the way 99.9 percent   are doing it you are dead wrong. I am that guy in Madden  that figured out that one long 75 yard pass to the corner and would throw it all game. Basically find a way no one else has and master it. That being said I HAVE to tell you about well a game… but it actually works for SO  Much more than that. I see many current members always worried about day to day minor issues about stock is up or down or someone that sold my shares....that is nothing  that concerns me. I do understand their opinion. It is not a big picture problem and takes focus away from the real focus. Empire Avenue can be used to boost your social media marketing, it can give a campaign not only a BLAST of a

#Facebook Introducing #Video on #Instagram

#Technews: Over the past two and a half years, #Instagram has become a community where you can capture and share the world’s moments simply and beautifully. Some moments, however, need more than a static image to come to life. Until now these stories have been missing from Instagram. Today, they are thrilled to introduce Video on Instagram and bring you another way to share your stories.   Introducing Video on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo . Introducing Video on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo . Introducing Video on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo . For more information, check out the following resources: - Read more at their blog: - Visit the video FAQ: - Download the latest version of Instagram: Article reposted from: